Rachel LanceThanks for stopping by, pull up a chair & stay awhile! Let’s talk quilts! Or art. Or just creativity in general. I’d offer you a glass of something nice, but you know…internet. Proximity aside, let’s chat…


I was raised in Alaska but I’ve been gone a few years now and I’m afraid my heart will always be there. Or maybe I just feel that way because my heart will never be at home at the confluence of midwestern farmland and suburban sprawl. I refuse to chase greener pastures though, so for now I am blooming where I’m planted, here in northern Illinois. It’s far from Alaska, but it does have some great qualities.


By trade I work with internet and information…a little design, a touch of project management, a dash of strategy and some writing thrown in for good measure. My undergraduate degree is in information management and I’m on the slow train to a Master’s in library/information science. It’s more interesting than it sounds…usually. I’ve worked mainly in the non-profit sector throughout my career, having learned early on that purpose is one of my main motivating factors so I strive to honor that. These days I freelance with a few great clients which allows me to juggle all kinds of fun things.


You might have landed here because you’re looking to consult with someone who has a mind for strategy, a knack for execution, and an eye for aesthetics when it comes to your digital marketing initiative. Let’s talk! Here’s a bit more about my background and how we might work together.
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At the end of the day, after the work is done and my little people have crashed, I’m an artist. I’ve been a quilter since my teenage years but set it aside in my thirties when babies came along. At the request of a family member I pulled the stash out of the closet to create a special baby quilt and there was no denying the sense of “home”.  My muscles remembered every subtle move, my brain relaxed as if speaking a native tongue. I am, to my core, a quilt maker. Over the years I’ve also practiced photography, pottery, lettering, watercoloring, and embroidery, all with mixed results. I thought of myself as a hobbyist for way too long until I didn’t any more. I realized what really sets my soul on fire is making quilts so I set out to be intentional about it – I’ve begun a daily creative practice, I’ve sold a few pieces and started teaching at a local shop. This is how I tend my soul.


The years I spent ignoring my heart’s cry to make beautiful things, when my kids were new, cost me dearly in the health of my being. These days, I am passionate about honoring the creative nature that is hardwired in me. More than that, I’m bent on helping others recognize the necessity of intentionally practicing whatever it is that brings life to their soul. I may speak in terms of quilting, but a lot of my journey is universal.


And what a journey. It’s been one of mindfulness, learning to see, listen, and dream while intentionally curbing culture’s call to consume.  Most of my work is perpetually in progress and I may or may not ever master a particular expression, but the act of faithfully making is forming a beautifully slow, grateful life for me and my family.


I started this site to share what I’m learning about creative life and quilting. I’m not an expert, but I think we all have something to teach so I hope you find something useful. Questions? Leave a comment, I’m happy to go deeper.


Want to get in touch? I’d love to chat! If you’d like to talk about a project I can help with, whether it’s digital marketing or quiltingdrop a line – the best places to connect are: TwitterPinterestLinkedIn, and Instagram.