WIP & What I’m Learning


There is a lot to be said for quick, small projects!shnibbles-I

This one may not be finished, but golly I sure do like looking at it. This was the first in a series of projects for a year-long guild initiative where we’re working through several patterns from a designer who will be keynoting our banquet next spring. This was also the first project I’ve picked fabric for in a long, long time. Oh, how I’ve missed fondling fabrics and pondering the endless combinations.

Though this isn’t a pattern I would’ve chosen if left to my own devices, I jumped in and thoroughly enjoyed the make. In faith I chose a grey low volume as my background and couldn’t be happier with it. So long, boring white!

I haven’t decided how to quilt this one. I am resisting the urge to follow the gridlines, something is begging for curvy randomness. In truth, I’m probably afraid to step out and put thread to fabric and commit to a motif. Stay tuned…

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