WIP & What I’m Learning V


And here we are with another installment of the year-long guild project set to simmer. This one was again a challenge to my preferences (not only would I not have chosen it based on the author’s image, but I’m pretty sure I made a sour face when I first saw it). So this one simmered even before I set to sewing. I was determined to finish but had no idea where to start.

I think it was the author’s choice of fabrics that I couldn’t appreciate. They conspired to make the entire pattern scream 1983. Not a bad year, I’m sure, but not a favorite, stylistically. Anyway…what to do about it?

Make a palate.

shnibbles wonkyI was stuck with a project I wanted to see through, but wasn’t feeling. So I set an incremental goal to land on a palate. I went with a forest theme, of sorts. Not necessarily in color, but in subject matter. I didn’t start with a focal print, just curated a dozen or so prints that spoke to my love of nature. I’ve never approached a quilt this way and found the exercise to be very introspective. And I discovered Cotton + Steele, Tula Pink, and Heather Ross (I know, I know…where have I been?! See this post)…oh. my. word!

I chose another grey background, this time I went with a linen which may or may not have been intended for quilting. I still haven’t decided. It’s lovely and I like the texture, but it made for some bulky star points. And oh! the wrinkles! Note: stick with quilting cotton.

wonky starsBut in order to make this palate work, something needed to be done with the pattern (I’m not sure if it’s kosher, but I am intentionally choosing to leave the original pattern off this post, since I didn’t have the greatest experience with it). First up: the nine evening star blocks in the center. What to do.  Of course! Wonky stars! I love wonky stars…and just look at those little star babies!  I messed with the size and placement and points, nothing was safe and I loved the process.

And the geese…let’s make them wavy instead of all straight and boring. In keeping with my wonky theme, I added the border of half-square triangles but made them more random than I should have and am not quite happy with them…but not so unhappywavy geese that I’ll be ripping the stitches. But my favorite part of this adventure is the bit of curve I added to the bottom border. It worked! Who knew? There will be more curves.

I did it my way. Breaking from a pattern so dramatically was new to me, but in banishing all the straight lines, I finally started to feel something for this project! I was excited but nervous to show this one at the guild meeting (note: no one said anything…as with most things we’re worried about people noticing, they’re probably not paying enough attention to you to take note).

So, this one simmers because I’m not quite sure that it’s done. Scratch that…it’s not done. There’s more to be said for this one and I’m just waiting for the words to come. It’s got a bit of a medallion swagger so more borders are in order. Stay tuned!

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