WIP & What I’m Learning IV


shnibbles-IVCatchy titles be damned. Here is the next installment of the monthly guild project. It’s simmering. Like the others. But this one isn’t waiting to be quilted; although the top is complete according to the assigned pattern, I’m not satisfied with it yet. So it simmers.

I used a precious charm pack on this project. I regret that. I had hunted and hunted for a bundle of Kate Spain’s Cuzco line. It released while I was taking my (not so) little quilt hiatus. I haven’t been able to get it out of my creative processing since I stumbled across it and apparently I’m in good company because it turns out this is an insanely hard to find bundle of fabrics. So I bought the first charm pack I found…for almost twenty dollars. I know, shame on me.

I thought by adding some solids I could stretch a respectable  distance. There’s a devil on my shoulder telling me this was not the right project for that precious charm pack. Argh. Anyway, here it is, simmering above my desk while I brew various border options. A medallion, maybe? We shall see.

This was my first encounter with 60 degree triangles. Tricky little buggers with all their stretchy angles and whatnot. I’d do it again. But there’s certainly a better way to achieve a cute little hexie.

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