WIP & What I’m Learning III


Yay! Back for round three of my guild’s year-long project to experience a wide range of our annual key note speaker next spring. One of these months I will hang my project for a proper picture. On the other hand, my toes can be kind of cute when paired with a pretty quilt top.

This is, once again, a pattern I wouldn’t have chosen so I appreciated the challenge to make it my own. It’s a lovely, classic block, but just not my style. I had great fun pulling together a palate, but nevertheless I am sadly not feeling a connection with this one. I tried incorporating randomness via sashing placement and block orientation and fabric choice, but I think I failed with the yellow background. It was a cute french street sketch that I couldn’t resist, but I think I need to face the truth that it’s not right in this quilt. Le sigh…schnibbles-III

I rushed to finish this larger project in time to show at guild, but didn’t make it. There’s still a couple rows of blocks to sash and add to this bit that’s together. I ran out of steam trying to meet an arbitrary deadline. I think that is partly to blame for the lack of connection that I feel with this project. I failed to take the time to savor and enjoy the process. I was driven by the project and the need to show up at the guild meeting with a top to share. I forgot to meet with gratitude and joy while I was busy matching seams.

Don’t forget to meet gratitude when you create. It’s very important.

I’m not so much afraid to finish this one, as I continue to be with the first two. With those others I’m feeling the weight of “don’t mess up” but with this one there’s a disappointment getting in the way of forward momentum. I console myself with the idea that when I do figure out how to quilt the other two I will use this one as a practice canvas first. Winning!

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