WIP & What I’m Learning II


Back again with the next in the series of monthly guild projects.

shnibbles-IIThis is another pattern I wouldn’t have chosen but did, in fact, enjoy making. I adjusted the pattern to be quite a bit bigger than originally written ( and in retrospect I wish I’d gone even bigger) and again used a low-volume grey background which I am still enjoying. This is the first time I took a gradient approach in my fabric choices and it was so fun! I don’t have a design wall, so it was relegated to laying on the floor after everyone had gone to bed. It only took a couple times through the laying out and picking up process to motivate me to get ‘er done! I worked through the night in my eagerness to get this top put together.

I have some ideas for finishing this one, but haven’t quite decided on the quilting. And so it simmers. This project came along at an important time in my quilt-maker journey. I found a new stride, worked with new fabrics and took approaches I’d never explored before and experienced a freeing joy I hadn’t encountered in all my previous quilting years.

This is my quilt. But I think I’m afraid to finish it. I have a back picked out and folded neatly under the top next to a stack of fabric. But it needs to simmer.

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