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Wonky Star Swap

Let me give you 10 reasons why wonky stars are the best:

  1. They’re fabulously quirky and adorable
  2. They are quick to sew
  3. They are forgiving – don’t like matching points? No problem!
  4. They are economical (say scrap buster!)
  5. They are flexible (size up, size down, on the fly, easy math, all at the same time)
  6. They play nice with others
  7. They’re cheerful (look at one without smiling, I dare you!)
  8. They’re jazzy with just enough individual personality and a touch of structure
  9. They great for beginners and seasoned quilters – keep them simple or take them up a notch!
  10. They’re just amazing. That is all.
wonky star sample
Wonky star samples courtesy of @Gus.Rocco…aren’t they great?!


I love wonky stars. I have since forever and I’m not alone so I’m excited to open up a wonky star swap!  Instagram is where it’s happening, it’s worth signing up for the quilty community if you’re not already active, so hop on over and check out #wonkystars2018, a few people signed up and got right to work making stars!

If you’re already a fan, just sign up here. If not, read on so I can convince you that this wonky star swap is the best. thing. ever!

I’ll send all the necessary details via email once the signup form closes and I’ve divided up the swap groups, but here’s the basic 411:

If you’ve never done a block swap, trust me, this is a great one to start with! If you’re not already a converted wonky star lover you should check out my dedicated Pinterest board, Quilts: Wonky Stars

I’m aiming for groups of 12-15 swappers so it won’t be too many to make and we’ll still receive a fun variety of blocks to start up a wonky quilt. If you’re up for a double dose (making and receiving two sets) I’ll have a spot on the form for you to indicate.

wonky star quilt
Wonky star quilt from @WombatQuilts & PMQG…love!


Like I mentioned above, wonky stars have the perfect blend of individual personality and common structure  to create the ultimate jazzy  perfection. So here are the parameters we’ll be working with in our swap:

  • Background fabric: white or print that reads white
  • Star fabric: bright colors or prints that read as a color (the star does not have to be all one color)
  • Block size: any size block will do! This will add to the wonkiness of your finished quilt, you’ll get to be creative with sashing and such to piece the stars together.
  • Pattern: basic sawtooth star with wonky points, here’s a great tutorial & finished example from @wombatquilts and another tutorial  from @sstaum with great variations…I want to try them all! If you want to get creative and nest 2-3 together, or arrange more than one star in a block that’s great – the wonkier the better!!!

You must have a public Instagram profile with some signs of quilty activity and you must be following me @ByLanceR for important updates and such. Please watch #wonkystars2018 and join the conversation – it’s part of the swap experience! Instagram swaps changed my quilting journey they’re addictive and such an amazing way to expand your creative and friendly horizons. I’ve written before about how every quilt has a story. there are already people from seven countries signed up to swap blocks – think of the stories your quilt could tell with blocks from all over the world!

Of course we know life happens, if it looks like you won’t be able to fulfill the commitment, please communicate with me so I can let your swap friends know – nobody wants to end up short in the end. And it goes without saying, once you’ve received your blocks, please be sure to post pics and thank your swap-mates!

Important dates

There are just a few dates to note. Don’t be intimidated by the check-ins, they’re standard for a swap and they’re how our community really comes together. Just follow the hashtag #wonkystars2018 (and be sure to add it to all your pictures). It’s like a wonky star party up in there, so jump in and make some new friends!

  • December 1, 2017: Signup closes – quick, get on over there and sign up, it’s EASY….you know you want to! Also, INVITE ALL YOUR QUILTY FRIENDS!!!
  • December 4, 2017: Swap details sent to participants. You will receive the names and shipping information for 12-15 swap friends and you will send your stars directly to them. In return you will receive #happymail for days as your swap friends each send you a star!
  • December 15, 2017: Fabric pull. This is a simple photo to show the fabric you’ll be working with on this swap – this particular swap is great for scraps – pull out those bins & bust a few scraps!
  • January 15, 2018: Sewing progress – at least one completed block shown. But really, we want to see all that wonky goodness, so keep those pictures rolling!
  • January 29-30, 2018: Shipping (pleeeeease don’t be late!). Again, we all know life happens, if something comes up and you can’t ship on time, just let me know. Whatever you do, DON’T FLAKE!
wonky star sample
Look at this fussy cut block from @HardKnocksArts …adorbs!


I *think* one block should only require one stamp (stock up on stamps before they increase on January 21!). Flakers are no fun so please proceed only if you can commit to making and shipping 12-15 blocks by the end of January.

If you have more questions about Instagram swapping, here’s a great post on etiquette and such. Or leave a comment here and we can chat about it. Or just jump in & sign up! The quilty community is waiting for you!

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