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Thanks for your interest in adding me to your team, virtually!

When we work together I’ll bring two indispensable benefits to your business:

  • Freedom – by handing over your digital marketing, my sweet spot, you’ll be freed up to thrive in your sweet spot. You need to be doing the things that only YOU can do.
  • Growth – my strategy and execution will increase your reach, build your platform, grow your business.

We’ll work together to design a digital marketing plan and I’ll take it from there. The list of tasks that may be in that plan include:

  • Digital strategy – written plan designed according to your goals and platforms
  • Social media management – one platform or several; creating, curating, and scheduling posts; responding to comments
  • Blog management – content planning, creating posts and illustrations optimized for search and social, updating plugins, managing design and development
  • Event amplification – marketing pre-event and social broadcast during event
  • Product launch – creating buzz, growing a tribe, harnessing the power of influencers
  • Website evaluation and management – review of existing footprint, comprehensive strategy of digital presence, management of revisions

Investment varies according to the package.

Let’s start working on your digital strategy today:

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