Finish: Range Quilt

Range Quilt

It’s only two-and-a-half weeks late and my darling husband is so understanding. This was one fun project. Michael’s Range.

Range Quilt from Nicole Daksiewicz at Modern Handcraft just called  to me. Particularly last fall, after our road trip. I grew up in and around mountains. Not hills, mind you. And not off in some hazy distance. My mountains were just beyond the boundaries of my neighborhood, circling my hometown, embracing us with 12,000 feet of majesty. I know my mountains.

But when we passed through New Mexico, into eastern Arizona and discovered Tonto National Forest, my mind was blown by mountains like I’d never seen. So many layers disappearing into the atmosphere. Every switch of the road revealed a new vista. My poor husband would have been blown away as I was, had he not been driving the RV down a long and winding road at 10% grade. He didn’t find himself at liberty to partake, but I did my best to describe what he was missing, in all my speechless wonder.

When I saw this pattern, I knew right away I needed to make this quilt to mark our first cross-country trip. She perfectly captured the depth and ethereal perpetuity of mountains like I’ve never seen.

I double batted it, and quilted with organic almost-matchstick lines. I may regret the extra layer, but it is cuddly! And so soft!

The pattern is really well written and designed, very easy to follow. I would recommend it to anyone, and will continue to follow Nicole’s work, for sure.

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