Creative is Brave

I’ve been working on a creative practice. It’s been incredibly life-changing. Not that what I’m creating is amazing in any way. That’s entirely not the point. It’s just about practicing creativity. That’s it. The goal is to practice. Like anything else, when you practice creativity, in whatever medium in which you work, you get stronger. Exception isn’t an accident. Intention is the impetus for improvement.

We have the unfortunate experience of being makers in an age where consuming and comparing the work of others is almost unavoidable. When we consume and compare we stifle our own voice a little more each time. Look around, be inspired. But before you consume, sit down and create.

To bravely practice your art is to put aside the fears that stand in the way of moving forward. It’s easy to hear reason after reason why you shouldn’t.

“I’m not good enough”

“My work isn’t as beautiful as theirs”

“They’ll laugh”

“They’ll judge”

“I can’t”

Oh, but you can. Find your thing. Sit down. Be brave. Just start.



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